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Originally Posted by knowswhattowatch View Post
Tiger, its not emotional just the facts, the 97s have been taking a bad rap on here for a while. I posted examples of yes individual games, but G teams only play outside during tournaments so you have to use those results as examples. So the group can say this years all star game was crap and its a one off game but I can't reference the all state game as a one off? Your logic seems flawed. I guess when we talk about a player coming to our league at the minor hockey level its disturbing because its not a business like the OHL or NHL. It is a development league that we as tax payers support. The education package that a Canadian boy who has lived here and grown here is now being lost.
I understand your perspective as a scout would be somewhat different than a parent. To you its all business. Cheers,
Unforturnately, thats inherent in blogs or forums. You are going to get positive and negative input. Life is not always fair, if it were than every kid in MM loop would be drafted into the OHL, and all would be drafted into the NHL. Thats not reality.

The 94 loop was also very weak compared to the 95s and 96s. Most years the GTHL has a stronger loop then the OMHA and ALliance, but this year, I am sorry to say that the GTHL has less higher end talent.

We may be putting down the GTHL but we are also commending the other kids in the other associations.

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