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Originally Posted by knowswhattowatch View Post
So the group can say this years all star game was crap and its a one off game but I can't reference the all state game as a one off? Your logic seems flawed.
You didnt read my post, or didnt understand it. I said any game, any game is a one off, and cant be looked with value. Look at my quotes. The GTHL All Star game, as a one of, has little value. The All State game, as a one of, has little value. Chesswood games on Sunday, as a one off, has little value. 15 year old kids have off nights. If we judged them off of a single game, how fair would that be?

Originally Posted by Tigers1992 View Post
Just like Vaughan beat Elgin, tied Oakville. Anything can happen in a single game. Thats why we are out watching players 15-20 times. 15 year old kids have bad days, I have a bad day, you have a bad day. What matters is, what type of player they will be, not who they lost to in a random minor midget game.

Its a summer All Star game. You can't judge an entire age group off of a single game, especailly one that has zero cosiquenses. McDavid was a star that game, but it doesnt matter, its a single game in July.

Again, don't use single game indicators to judge teams, your setting yourself up for failure. The 93 North York Rangers beat the 93 York Simcoe Express. That 93 Ranger team had 0 NHL picks, while the York Simcoe Express had both Ryan Murphy and Daniel Catenacci, plus 2-3 NCAA guys and 5-6 other OHL players.

York Simcoe was light years ahead of them, but had a bad game. It happens.

Every single one of them says the same thing. Single game results don't tell the entire story. Anything can happen in a single game, regardless of the talent on the ice.

The EASIEST way to go assess talent is to go watch them, repeatedly. I have been lucky to see alot of GTHL/OMHA/ALLIANCE over the past years. There is no doubt that the depth in the GTHL is not there this year. Watch the games, watch the skill, watch it repeatedly, without a jaded eye. You'll see the reasoning. You can't see it in single game results. You can see it with the talent on the ice.

Thats not a slight to the GTHL, i dont' care where players come from, no one gets paid more to say 'x' league is better then 'y'. We go to games, without a bias, and assess. If the better player is from the GTHL, we draft them. If the better player is from the OMHA, we draft them. Simply put, the GTHL doesn't have the depth this year as in past years.

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