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Originally Posted by knowswhattowatch View Post
I guess when we talk about a player coming to our league at the minor hockey level its disturbing because its not a business like the OHL or NHL. It is a development league that we as tax payers support. The education package that a Canadian boy who has lived here and grown here is now being lost.
Im not sure what this is refering too? To play in the GTHL, you pay fees. Korostelev is paying his way. His parents payed the fees just like anyone else did. He pays the same fee as your kid does. His money goes the same place. He pays the same $6 you do to get into games. Im confused as to what taxes that you pay go to him? His registration fees cover the teams expenses, including renting public ice.

As face as education packeges go, those are private. A private company (OHL Team) decides to give a scollarship to someone in exchange for his abilities. As part of that agreement, they develop him and pay his way through school. How is that any differnt from a Canadian going to the NCAA? Should that option be closed off for Ontario boys?

Im guessing that if you said yes, youd be cutting off more Ontario boys options then you would US/Russian kids.

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