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Originally Posted by knowswhattowatch View Post
Chewer, thanks for you feedback. My only point is the talent in the 97 age group and especially in the G this year is very spread out. Not jammed on to 3 or 4 teams like last years G group. Last year the talent was so bad after 4th that you constantly saw blowout games. And while you may be right about outside the G, the facts are that when the alliance or omha top teams have met most of the G teams this year they have had there hands full. I blame the coaching in the G this year compared to last years 96. The top 96 teams last year all non parent. This year all top 4 teams coached by dads (until recently when TF resigned from JRC). I also believe the prospect game would have been better if WG would have loaded a few lines rather than spreading out the top talent. Last year CMD, JHS, MDC on a line vs DS, RF and cant remember winger. anyway just my 2 cents, cheers,
Even with Mike Babcock coaching, the 97's are not as good. I agree last year there was some good coaches like Ken Strong and Geoff SChomogyi. Coaching your own children is one of the hardest things to do, I dont know how some of them pull it off. All star or All-state games are the worst to judge players. There is no chemistry, very little structure, very individualistic mindsets.

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