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01-10-2013, 11:16 PM
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@ Bitter Petes fan: I think what you have there in Peterborough is a poisonous situation that is poisoning players. Was Steve Downie the problem when he was shipped out of town, or was the Windsor organization? We know the answer by now, it's the same thing with the Petes. Murphy was a problem, he comes here and scores at almost a point per game clip. He's happy to be here and it shows in his play. I think the same will happen with Koekkoek. I saw an interview with him where he was asked about visiting cities he enjoyed playing in and he gave two, Windsor and Kitchener. He said he loved the atmosphere in those buildings. I think it's fair to say he'll be happy here. Steve Yzerman didn't draft a head case. Just look how many guys wanted out of Peterborough over the years, there's something more going on there than one kid having ego problems. Is it Koekkoek's fault that Spooner wanted out too? I think we have a Pete's fan with a serious case of denial about his club, and he is taking it out on the players instead of the team.

I'm with tough guy on Clarke being captain material for the Petes some day. If he chose to waive the no trade to make this happen I put him up there with Austin Watson as great former Spitfires. Taking his medicine with the Petes didn't hurt Watson's development, it won't hurt Clarke either. So what if his billet doesn't flush after a bowel movement, or whatever it is that is making kids miserable in Peterborough these days. It means plenty of ice and opportunity.

I think naming Koko as captain is a way for the team to help ensure he doesn't check out for the AHL like Kassian did his last season. Who cares if his english is broken, it's probably a smart move to put all that responsibility on him to keep him honest.

Good game by the boys so far, watching the replay now because I had to work until 1100. It sounds like we won, that's 2 points. Let's get a few more now.

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