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01-10-2013, 11:27 PM
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So I'm practicing snap shots.

I switch from the p88 to the p106 to the p14.

My best shots came with the 106. I found I was slicing my shots with the 14...I'm guessing I need to concentrate on impacting the puck at the mid heel point?

P88 was a 67 flex
P14 was 87 flex cut down about 4"
P106 is straight 87 flex

I noticed when the technique was good, flex didn't impact velocity too much...if anything the 67 flex felt weak even on the good shots, the stick is a ONE30, so that might have something to do with it. I used to think 87 might be too much, but I'm not have too much issue with the cut down, arms don't get tired after 50+ shots etc. I'm wondering if I lack the control right now to shoot off the toe though, but part of me really likes having a heavier blade contact.

One thing I noticed was in a really nice snap shot, the initial swing felt like a faster wrist shot, just due to how fluid the contact was, the snap coming at the end when I turned the blade over.

Final verdict, leaning heavily toward going with the 106 as my number 1, and eventually relegating the p14 to number 3, but I don't have a better all around stick at the moment.

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