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Originally Posted by knowswhattowatch View Post
Tiger i have been paying for my boys to play under the CHL umbrella since they were 5.
I think there is a big difference. This is still minor hockey not NCAA or OHL.
Then why are you talking about taking away scholarship money from Ontario boys?

Originally Posted by knowswhattowatch View Post
The family moved here for hockey. Funny that Canadian kids can't leave there home centres like the OMHA because they want to because they have to follow certain rules. Its MINOR HOCKEY.
He moved, thats exactly right. If you want to move your son another region, do what he did, move. Sounds fair no?

Originally Posted by knowswhattowatch View Post
How is it Yakapov can leave the CHL to play pro in Europe when Strome has to stay in the CHL?
Strome doesn't 'have' to stay in the CHL. He can play in Europe just like anyone else. He chose not to. The only limit that Strome has is that he can not play in the AHL. Had Ryan wanted to, he could have played in Europe. He's under the same restrictions as Yakupov is/was.

Originally Posted by knowswhattowatch View Post
Team USA had a Russian this year, very interesting.
Galchenyuk was born in Milwaukee. He considers himself an American. Tyler Myers played in Texas, but now plays for Team Canada. Jamie Oleksiak the same. Sean Day wants to play for Canada, is a citizen, but has never played a season under Hockey Canada's umbrella. Its a two way street.

What Taxes go to the development of Korostelev? You didn't clear that up for me. He pays his way...

How many Ontario boys are in US Prep Schools? Its a significant amount. Should we take that away from them? They pay their way and earn US scholarships. Should they be kicked out because that are from Ontario?

Back on the scholarship question. If we cut off US kids to the CHL and they cut off Canadian boys in the NCAA, who do you think looses that one? Its the Canadian boys, by a country mile.

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