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01-11-2013, 12:52 AM
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Originally Posted by shello View Post
He was ranked number 1. Lazar went right after him and Lazar wasn't even rated as a 1st rounder for most of the season.

For the people who are saying how happy and funny you find it. Grow up honestly, he's 17 and in a tough position. Even with the negative rumors, he's still just a kid. Just because he plays hockey and has a chance to play pro some day means he should just shut up and be in a terrible organization the past few years. Just like the Petes in the OHL (not to call you out Petes fans), terrible mangement and players want out. They're entitled to want to play where they want for whatever reason, it's not the pros here where theyre making millions, they get like $50 a week if even. Hell they can't even drink or even drive legally alone some of these kids.

He clearly saw its a downward spiral with the Cougars and wanted out, happens all the time in junior. I don't even like the kid, never have liked him or his brother found they were overrated, but all this hate on him makes me have to root for him and hope he makes it to the show. He'll get traded next season, PG was probably asking too much, at the moment neither Alex or the team gains anything from this.

Myself and others have clearly stated in this thread that what if it was you, what if you had some job where it was unfair and far away from home, etc. Won't say it all again, it'll get ignored. It's sick that people find joy in some poor childs misery, or in any creatures misery.
do you whl watchers see prospects taking the draft seriously? the ohl draft is pretty much a joke at this point - if the kid gets exceptional status, he'll report; if the #1 team seems desirable (rarely) the kid will report b/c of the prestige of being #1 overall.

i'm interested in the 'race to the bottom' of this year's ohl draft. if the 67s are the worst team and pick #1 overall i'm very confident the kid will report. if the petes end up as the worst team they're going to either do what baie comeau did and draft #1 and trade for the rebuild (which would actually be smart for the petes) or have to go way down the list looking for someone who will report

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