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Originally Posted by cashman rules View Post
Loved Langdon!Weird fighter but he sure had stamina,as for Twists and Langdon loses here ya go.....

Twist--One of the few that beat him clearly was big jim mckenzie and i think it was a tko and Todd Ewen cut him open and beat him as well,twist was tough and i don't think he lost a fight his last few years in the league(fight tapes).

Langdon---Ray cut him and beat him early in his career but of course his jersey came off so i don't count that.Troy Crowder put a beating on him pretty good and had a tough time ever beating Reid Simpson,lost pretty well all of them.I think Langdons worst beating was from the grim reaper aka Stu Grimson,Laus and Belak.

Thanks for the info, you sure know your stuff!

Yeah Langdon was awesome. Pound for pound one of the best fighters I've ever seen, and one of the guys who relied on technique and stamina (like you mentioned) over punching power. He always got better as the fight went on.

I have a couple of Grimson vs. Langdon fights and Stu purposely pulls his jersey over his head both times. Langdon handled himself well in those bouts when he could see. Haven't seen the Laus and Belak fights, I'll check them out.

As for Twist, he may still be the scariest fighter I've ever watched (especially post-roids). He had sledgehammers for fists, and for the amount of fights he got into it's incredible he didn't lose more often.

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