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01-11-2013, 03:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Lebanezer View Post
Well I bet you never expected to get attacked by the OPERA LOVERS! What's that comment supposed to mean? Would he have been frittering away his time if he'd been taking in Der Fliegende Holländer? I think not! You can get a workout in and enjoy some Tosca in the same day you know, it's been done. Heck, if you have a DVD player in you home gym you can handle your plyometric training whilst enjoying the incredible 1955 Furtwängler Don Giovanni with Cesare Siepi (best Giovanni ever); some of us know this sir or madam.

Baking cookies would be a waste tho, it's called a bakery Patrick, let the experts handle it, they've got your patented "Marleau's Magical Minty Macaroons" bested my friend. In fact, pump some money into the local businesses you've crippled with your lockout Mr. Marleau. You evil 1%er, with your millions of bonds and treasury notes, sitting on a pile of homemade cookies made with decadent Godiva chocolate chips and "organic" walnuts while the rest of us choke down chalky Famous Amos's in the undersized economy vending machine bags, you've ruined America Marleau, ruined it. ***** it, I'm not going to work tomorrow!

Wait, did you mean Opera or Oprah? Which letter did you omit - e or h? Do you see what fruits the lackadaisical spelling habits of the Internet generation doth bear? Anguish, needless anger, bitter tears. Unless you meant opera, and the afore discourse would rightly stand.
bwahhahaha I absolutely loved this, amazing good sir, amazing.

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