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Originally Posted by Mafoofoo View Post
Whoa whoa whoa. Famous Amos is the best.
Don't misunderstand, I would never impune upon the cookies of the people, the back bone of this great nation - famous Amos is an institution. But seriously, I've never had a bag that wasn't laden with a squadron of crumbs prepared to dry out your mouth as you pour the mother load down your gullet as all true, red-blooded Americans do. The bag should say "Bonus mashed cookie inside!" Why can't they transport these cookies without triggering an inevitable cookie explosion in each bag? Are they Leper cookies, shedding parts? Is that oddly shaped, rounded, final cookie - seeming held together by one chip and a host of Wiccan spells - infected? I'm serious, I've gotten bags where the cookies look like they were sand blasted by their departed brothers. Is the final step before transport to kick them down the Lotse face on the south side of Everest and THEN ship them? Marleau doesn't have to deal with this, only we, the proletariat understand the bag that doth rattle too much for one bearing but 5 bites. I doubt Marleau's ever seen a crumb, except those he sprinkles over the vagrants who work for him. But yeah, I'm not trashing the Amos, just maybe fill the bags with cotton balls or something, I want my damn cookies in tact please.

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