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Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
It also happened earlier in the season, ebis, particularly towards the start. Always for games not shown on TV. That Czech/Hungarian TV channel is to blame, which owns Slovan's KHL TV rights. They own the rights, but they didn't bother to produce the broadcast for Slovak viewers. I wonder if Traktor fans could watch the game back home, and if it was shown live on (I don't know, because I attended it live.)
It was broadcasted on Slovak Internet TV, so I guess was showing it too.

Also, as far as I know, all games were shown on TV and available to Slovak viewers. The problem is that the channel is Czech, in Slovakia you have to buy it in extra channel package. Moreover, when Lev and Slovan are playing at the same time, they show the Slovan game on their second channel, which is not in the same package as their first channel so if you want to watch all Slovan games, you have to buy two extra packages (including tons of channels that you will never watch).

I know very few people who have the first channel and literally noone who has the second one. I understand that KHL wants to sell the rights to the highest bidder, but I think their interest should be making the games available to the highest number of viewers possible, even if it means selling the rights cheaper to some channel that most of the people can watch.

I usually buy games from but there's another problem, you can't buy them using non-Russian credit cards (which is ridiculous), the only way is to make an account on Yandex Dengi (something like Russian paypal, their site is not even available in English), register your credit card there (they charge you some small sum and you have to enter it on Yandex in rubles, so you can't just check it online since no non-Russians use rubles in their bank accounts, you have to call your bank and ask about the exact sum in rubles) and then buy the stream using Yandex. I learned Russian voluntarily in college so I'm lucky but it's next to impossible to buy them for most people, especially non-Slavs.

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