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01-11-2013, 04:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Dekar View Post
You and I clearly are talking about different Brian Wildes. At one point in time he was fine, but the past couple of seasons, he's really started to wander into Jack Todd territory. That's a bit of an extreme example, he's not close to Todd in terms of pessimism (plus he isn't two-faced like Todd too), but the only good things he ever says are in the "it's about time" or "that's a rarity" tense. Look at his last comment about Kaberle's shape in camp. Fine example.

My reaction to Wilde's article isn't a knee-jerk thing either, I've felt like this about him for a long time. And I did follow him on Twitter in the first place because I did like him and it was nice to have a positive reporter, but he's gone the way of the Debbie Downer recently, so my preferred source of good articles on the Habs come from either some of you guys on here, or Engels/Lavoie. *cue the "Engels/Lavoie? And you say Wilde is bad?" comments*

Also, the only sports team Wilde is really passionate about is the Impact. He takes a very "whatever" stance on the Habs. He wouldn't have a job on a major network without covering them, which I'm sure is half the reason he does.
Well, I definitely like your reply, thanks.
I'll definitely pay more attention to Brian Wilde and to what you were saying (in the above). The last time I paid major attention to Brian Wilde (pertinent to hockey talk...lockout) was around end of Nov-December when Brian looked so excited/happy about the possibility of hockey coming back very soon (we still had to wait of course after that...many reporters made false alarms...I don't blame any of them). But he looked so happy.... but now that hockey is back I'll pay even more attention to how he is... I believe you but I swear the Brian Wilde I see is always cheerful! (8 or 9 out of 10 times!)

Randy Tieman is the one who seems disinterested/bored in our Habs, imo (Tieman seems more interested in football or his ''Randy's rookies'' mini-show/segment during the CTV sports! he actually smiles a lot during his ''Randy's rookies''!!)...Wilde adds more color and excitement vs Tieman when it comes to our Habs imo (this is what makes me believe he's really into our Habs...positive or negative), but I'll get a chance to see more of Brian now since hockey is back (will pay more attention to every detail! and come back here and report!!).

But you the end if he is a Hab fan...I'm not that upset with a Hab fan saying this or that as long as that person is not secretly a Bruin or Leaf fan just bashing our Habs! and we can't all share the same opinion, but of course seeing the positive is better than always seeing the negative! (ex: if our Habs do end up at the bottom...there's a light at the end of the tunnel in that we get a star prospect in exchange for a miserable season filled with injuries and/or many losses). For me the worst case scenario is barely missing the playoffs and/or losing badly in the 1st Rnd (we don't get a top 5 or top 10 pick and our Habs are eliminated early...this would get me least last year's miserable season was rewarded with a Galchenyuk).


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