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01-11-2013, 04:20 AM
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so recently i've been hearing/reading some people talking about AMD (7000 series video cards) having frame latency issues., eventhough the framerates are high, the games don't feel as smooth as they should in comparison to Nvidia's cards. i've seen some people on forums not buy AMD cards because of this, too, when they were initially interested in getting one.

so anyway, here's an article showing some of what people are talkin about ...

We think gamers would be better served by skipping the FPS average and instead taking a latency-focused approach to frame delivery, if they really want to understand gaming performance. One alternative method is to consider the 99th percentile frame time, which is simply the threshold below which 99% of all frames have been generated. In the chart above, the Radeon HD 7950 has delivered 99% of the frames in under 31.7 milliseconds or less. That means all but the last one percent of frames were produced at a rate of 30 FPS or better—not too shabby.

Compared to the GeForce, though, the Radeon isn't doing so well. The GeForce delivers 99% of frames in under 20 milliseconds, which is the equivalent of about 50 FPS. That's why playing the game on the GeForce feels perceptibly smoother. I think these 99th percentile numbers more accurately convey the sense of things one gets from studying those initial frame time plots—and from playing the game on both cards.
another small article here ...

so after hearing some complaints, AMD finally aim to try and fix the issue through a series of driver updates.

...article seen here ...

AMD's David Baumann writes ...
The comment that you quote was just one update that highlights that some things can be tweaked fairly easily (although since coming back today I learn that it is not quite as easy as the BL2 fix does actually need to be implemented in the driver so we will have to QA a new build rather than releasing a CAP). Over the early part of the year you'll see a few driver updates help this across a variety of games.
Tech Report writes ...
So a specific portion of AMD's driver code needs some additional attention in order to perform optimally on the year-old GCN architecture—and AMD has accelerated an overhaul of it after discovering that the new revision can alleviate frame latency issues. Wow.

so that's interesting ...and good that AMD are gonna try and improve things there. i'll be interested in seeing the results.

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