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01-11-2013, 04:55 AM
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I don't get how people keep saying Crawford will "bounce back". Bounce back to what? He rookie year in the NHL he wasn't the #1 guy so he had little pressure, he didn't play in half the games and teams hadn't figured him out yet. Enter his first year as the guy and poof.

Look at him and his career, this is a guy who at age 28 will be entering only his 2nd year as an NHL starter, Cam Ward also 28 will be entering his 7th year as a starer, MAF 28 his 7th year, and the list goes on. His career pro numbers including his AHL time are a .906 SV% and 2.82 GAA. What we saw last year was the rule not the exception, his rookie year was the exception and I don't expect to see it again.

I want the Hawks to explore a trade during the year, for who, I don't know who is and isn't available, but willing to bet if the Hawks actually tried and where willing to part with 1-2 of their prized prospects they could find a good goalie coming back, not an All-Star but someone who could push or take Crawfords job.

To me the biggest mistake was Emery, I don't think Crawford can repeat his rookie year but am willing to give him a chance, why the hell Emery was brought back is beyond me.

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