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Originally Posted by TheyAreGoodScaryGood View Post
Ummm ya actually thats debatable, we've never seen grigs play against men we dont know that he's ready and makes this team better. He could get shutdown by NHL D and be a defensive liability or he could light it up, we dont know yet
Or Grigs can come in and score 40+ points in 48 games this year, win the Calder and lead the Sabres back into the playoffs.We don't know yet and my prediction is just as valid and has the probability of happening as yours.

You are right, we don't know how Grigs will perform in the NHL this season, because he hasn't played an NHL game yet.What he has done though is lead the CHL in rookie scoring last year.He has scored almost a goal per game in the Q this year.He performed admirably at the WJC this year and was one of the most impressive players there this year.He has turned every major hockey analyst heads this year and has many people excited about his ability.

I have no doubt in my mind that Grigs is already far better then a guy like Jon Scott or Patrick Kaleta, two guys that are penciled in our lineup.Scott is barely NHL caliber and he is penciled in to play probably half the season.Kaleta, aside from drawing penalties,throwing borderline checks and playing on the PK doesn't do much else.Ruff has already gone on record saying that Grigs can make the team playing on the 3rd or 4th line and getting PP time.

Speculating about what Grigs may or may not do is exactly that, speculation.We won't know until he gets in training camp and goes against NHL talent.If Ruff + Regier didn't think he had a chance of making the team I don't think they would have bothered taking him out of Quebec for training camp missing several games while having a guy like Luke Adam not come up for it and be stuck in Rochester.At the very least R & R think Grigs is ahead of Luke Adam on the depth chart, and considering Adam centered our top line at the beginning of last season that could be a sign.

We got 10 days until the season opener, we shall see if he makes the team or not.With the amount of teenagers stepping right into the NHL more and more I think it isn't unreasonable predicting that Grigs can step in right away and produce.He is considered an elite prospect and most elite prospects step right in and play and produce.

The last 2 Calder Winners in Landeskog and Skinner were players drafted that same year and stepped in as 18 year olds to win the Calder.Myers won it the year before them, and he was a 19 year old just one year removed from his draft year.Since Lindy Ruff has been our head coach (97-12), there have been only 2 non goalie Calder winners who needed more then 1 year after their draft year to win the Calder.Aside from Steve Mason, all the Calder winners since the last lockout have been teenagers drafted that same year or just one year removed from their draft. There are just too many 18 and 19 year olds stepping in and playing major roles to just already be predetermined in thinking Grigs isn't ready and needs to be sent back before he even has one day at training camp.He is every bit the top prospect that Landeskog,Skinner,Myers etc were when they won the Calder.

We will see, I'm hoping he plays right away, it's not like we are a playoff team anyway that has any better options

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