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01-11-2013, 05:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Cheesesteak Invictus View Post
My girlfriend has control of the TV so I decided to average the stats of the 32 backups who had meaningful starts. Because that beats the hell out of Private Practice and Greys Anatomy.

Average for NHL backups: 2.69 GAA, .909%

Michael Leighton is worse than that average. Let's also not forget that Leighton's stats are boosted by having a large chunk of his games (Over 20%) played behind a defense which sheltered him very effectively; something he won't get here anymore.

Looking at save percentage, the most relevant stat for goaltender performance, 24 out of 32 backup goalies outperformed Leighton last year. The goalies he beat were in mostly in the .800s, with 2 at a .900. He's in the bottom quarter of the league for backup goalies. He has spent most of his career in the AHL, or NHL call-up for a few games at a time. The case isn't all that good for him being considered a good backup, or even a decent one. He falls below the average. Most backups are better than him. 19 backups put up .910 or better, which is a sizable improvement over Leighton's career average.

He's an AHL player who occasionally gets called up. Except in Philly, where our GM mysteriously believes he's worthwhile.
So what are we arguing about? I have said from the beginning that Leighton's career line of 2.95 and .902 are in the same ballpark as many of the backups around the league and that those are backup goalie numbers. You have just proven my point. 2.95 and .902 is in the same ballpark as 2.69 and .909, no? And he was better than eight other goalies, and I wager that some that did outperform him was not by much. I never said the guy was the ultimate backup. I never said with his stats he should be a starter. From the get-go I said he was a backup goalie with backup goalie numbers. Which he is.

I am sure you are going to come back and say that those numbers are not in the same ballpark and even though he was better than others and close to others that were better than him he still is not a backup goalie with backup numbers, so I guess you win.

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