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01-11-2013, 06:30 AM
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Why initiate with STU....

Originally Posted by rantfather View Post
IF the above is to be the tree that Pete Belliveau is to be hanged upon then make room for others.

IF the CIS thinks or anybody else.believes that this is not a widespread practice in the AUS,then initiate audits of all programs starting with STU and clarify.

When the story is finally released I will have MUCH more to.say on this subject.

It must be interesting to note that NOT one A/D has made a definitive statement clearing their school of such violations.

Stay tuned!

In spite of AUS Fan's characterization of my motivation to start tbe AUDIT with STU it has EVERYTHING to do with the improper conduct of the previous coach with respect to the matter at hand and is my home school and the one that I am most concerned with.

AUS FAN seems suggesting that an AUDIT would uncover nothing but admits to.hearing of such excesses but is suggesting that a blind eye should be turned to it.

I BELIEVE that there should be honesty practiced by all and that outing of one coach is both improper, unfair and just plain wrong........ AUS/CIS needs to get involved in shedding light on this matter.


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