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Originally Posted by dansk55 View Post
Sorry i have not read the article, but to me, it seems, vision or no vision, he left a couple of players out to dry.
Why did he keep Sarault and JP knowing that murphy was gone? Aside from them, and a couple of rare appearances from others, we have nothing else and that is offensive and disrespectful to them. He should have helped them with some players to assist with offence or played for the future with players and picks. How do you expect to compete? Alex the G's time is limited here, and CS and JP have what, 30 games left in the O?
I see first round and gone again... again. I don't see a vision, i see lack of will or judgment. I am thinking no one wanted to trade with him, or he can't pull hammer.
I don't have seasons tickets, and i buy discounted ones online, so i guess i have no room to beef. Just feel sorry we seem like a boat with out a rudder.
i will retract this when we make the second round and i will buy everyone a beer when we buy win the men cup... not a gambler, but i like the odds.
Please read the article.It will explain what you are commenting on the trade front.Basically it said that the Sting didnt know until Wed at 6 pm that Murphy was gone.Jocko said that if he would have known that Monday that JP and Charlie would have been gone and possibly some others.I really wonder if they thought Murphy's injury was as bad as expexcted.I am glad he didnt fire sale the rest on thursday am just for the sake of trades.I am a season ticket holder and i watch the black cloud that follows jocko around.I will agree with you on the playoffs but we will see.

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