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06-15-2006, 09:41 AM
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Originally Posted by JaskulaR
Try marketing a high level hockey team where the fans can't see a players face. It's impossible. Star recognition is important!
Try marketing a high level football team where the fans can't see a players face. It's impossible.

Oh, wait, what's that? You can't see the faces of anyone in the NFL (okay, except for the kickers), and yet the NFL is infinitely more popular than the NHL?

How do you explain that one?

Never mind that you already can't see the players' faces when they're on the ice anyway, because you're watching the puck. Faces aren't how you recognize players during a game; size, position, and number are.

Compare 2 advertising situations side by side:
Would you rather see a poster of a Bobby Hull let's say, blonde hair flowing in the wind as he skates up ice, earning his nickname the 'Golden Jet.'

Or rather Joe Schmoe with his full wire cage looking as anonymous as possible. I think it's obvious which one would draw the attention of your casual eye.
It's funny. Helmets are required in the NHL, and yet I see all kinds of promotional materials where the players aren't wearing them. If they're not wearing the helmet, they're not wearing the cage either, and so promotional materials wouldn't change.

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