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06-15-2006, 10:42 AM
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Heck man, i guess we should HAVE TO wear helmets when we drive...i mean head injuries are a leading reason for death in motor vehicle accidents...seems idiotic not to wear a helmet in a car.

It is a choice. It's not like someone gets a puck to the face every game or even per team every season.

Rest assured, when the cost of injuries from pucks/sticks to the face area begins to dent the HUGE PROFITS insurance agencies acquire from the league/players/teams then face masks will be be LAW.
(or when a player goes down to block a shot and gets hit in the temple with the puck and dies - man, players shouldn't be allowed to slide down to block shots!)

Ya know, in this day and age, why are we allowed to go outside, i mean, everything can be done through a computer from your home...think of the gas savings and lives saved in traffic accidents!

And hiking in the woods! Should be illegal - there are wild animals out there. ( i know, over this season, i've heard of more people mauled by wild animals than players hit in the face with the puck.

(i could care less, one way or the other - cages or not. And i'll probably advise my kid to wear a cage...but still it will be his choice mostly.)

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