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06-15-2006, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by technophile
Indeed. Which is why air bags have been legally required for years now. You know what air bags are for? To prevent your head from slamming into the steering wheel or the windshield.

What about hiking in an area where you know that aggressive predators are common, without any kind of protection? Would you recommend that? No, you'd take simple, common sense precautions that would reduce the risk of foreseeable injuries.
And a helmet would reduce the risk ALL THE MORE.

Are you implying that death is common from pucks to the face? I am not sure i understand? I mean, an aggressive predator is ALL ABOUT INTENDING TO EAT YOU, a hockey puck and the players who shoot them are never aiming at another player's head. The risk is ENORMOUSLY different.

A helmet in a car is INFINITELY more value than a face cage in hockey.

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