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01-11-2013, 08:21 AM
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Originally Posted by steffeG View Post
The comment about their respective defensive game is subjective, of course, and I recognize that, so I'll just leave that with saying that's not something that we can flat out determine that it is.

Methot hasn't played a full pro season since his first year with the Crunch, I believe. I'll reserve myself on his early pro years as there might've been cases where he was healthy scratched, but he's missed over a 100 games over the four years he's been with the Jackets full-time. I know there are some healthy scratches in there, though, but not like he's on an iron man streak.

I am slightly pessimistic about this short-term. I realize Kuba was not a long-term option, but I really don't think Methot should be either as a top-pairing guy if this team want to go places.
Time will tell, and there are still questions about Methot, to be sure. But winning teams need big able bodied d-men to log key defensive minutes, and after Phillips, Methot is really the only guy we have like that now (Cowen is more than that, of course). And we all know Phillips is not long for this league. You look at a successful playoff team like the Kings, and they have the likes of Scuderi, Mitchell and Greene to compliment the likes of Doughty and Voynov etc. The Sens need a few more guys like that, and while Boro and Gryba might fit the bill long-term, Kuba most certainly did not. Having Wiercioch, Gonchar, Karlsson and Benoit in the line-up is a lot of size and strength to give up. Having Kuba in that roll, doesn't work either, because he is basically a small player playing in a larger man's body. He at times uses his frame to contain someone, but he is often times physically over powered, despite his frame. Methot will have to be able to receive and dish sharp, hard passes however, because Kuba was able to do this with Karlsson, which gained each of them more time and ice. That is the one question in my mind, and hopefully the Sens have scouted this pre-trade.

And there was no 1 year option with Kuba. We either signed him to a 2 year deal, or we let him walk. I think we did the smart thing. I would have definitely liked to have him for 1 year, but 2 years and $8 million is tough, especially when he is an over 35 guy and you are liable for the 2nd year even if he gets hurt and retires this year (he has chronic back issues, and a significant back injury this year might well have him retire given his contract is insured).

Plus, might as well find out of Karlsson can generate chemistry with a lot of differernt guys sooner rather than later. He did play with others at times last year though, and looked just as good to me. I have faith.

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