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01-11-2013, 08:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Out East View Post
What I don't understand is how short sighted most people are being about the Habs. First of all where did the experts predict they would finish last year? The year before? My point is that the experts are nearly always wrong. Most of them just reslot teams basically where they finished the previous year. I can forgive the experts because they are covering 30 teams but followers of the Habs should know better. Let's start with a guy few mention and most have written off: Andrei Markov. He is back. He was playing fantastic in the KHL and was to play in the all star game. Could he get injured again? Of course. Is it likely? No. Remember koivu`s knee troubles? They felt like they'd never end but they did. Have most of you forgotten what a difference maker he is? If you have go back and check our record when he was in the line up and when he wasn't. Secondly do you remember that despite the circus and the injuries last year and no Markov we were still in almost every game? Do you remember our goals for vs goals against? Thirdly how is this team worse on paper than last year? There is no reason to believe Bourque won't bounce back since he was playing injured all last season and now the injury has been surgically repaired. A healthy Bourque will be very helpful. Not as pure a scorer as Cammalleri but more useful in every other way. AK is gone and I miss him but adding Prust and Armstrong is pretty interesting up front if you ask me. We're also getting Gionta back, and unlike Gomez when Gionta is healthy he gets his points and is a real spark plug. A healthy Gionta and a healthy Bourque on either side of Pleks is a pretty good 2nd line if you ask me. Most of the experts and many of you seem so jaded by last year that you can't see the forest for the trees.

There, I had to sign up and get an account here just so I could get that off my chest. As you were...
I was wondering whether markov got chosen for the all star game because of his reputation or his actual play. Where did you hear he played great?

You also have to consider all our young players getting better. We're not a contender but we're sure not a shoo in for atop 5 pick.

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