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Originally Posted by Out East View Post
I agree to Price and Beowulf. I'm getting really tired of the knocks on Markov. He is not glass. Prior to that cut tendon he was an ironman. He blew out a knee. It happens in this business all the time and the only thing he did wrong after that was come back too soon. Markov is one of the classiest, honest, hardworking guys to wear the CH in my lifetime. He isn't old, his knee seems to be good to go, why are we not looking forward to his coming back? I'll tell you why. Because the average fan is short sighted, ungrateful, and sometimes downright rude and ignorant. I'd like to see those who think he is glass go into a corner with him.

No one noticed or brought out what McKenzie said about our D corps.

I think so many of you are depressed about last year that you just can't pull yourselves together.

Subban - Gorges
Markov - Emelin
Diaz/Kaberle - Bouillon
Diaz Kaberle
St Denis

Put that up against all the defense corps in the eastern conference and tell me it's horrible. Do you remember that for the first two months last year we were rolling out

Subban - Gorges
Diaz(rookie) - Gill
Emelin (rookie)- Weber (basically rookie)

I think we quickly forget...

Emelin now is much better than Emelin then
Same for Diaz
Markov will be better than all of them even Subban imo and I concede I may be wrong on that one. Time will tell. Gorges is better if any change. Kaberle can't be worse, could be better and we have some rookies in the wings with big upside.

Price is Price - I expect a slow start due to lack of playing and no preseason games but he'll be fine.

Pac - DD - Cole
Bourque - Pleks - Gionta
Gomez/Armstrong - Eller - Moen
Gomez/Armstrong - White - Prust
*Gally (who knows that the plans are there)

Success starts in goal - check
Success is built on the D corps after that - I say check
Then you need a balance of scoring, speed, defense, and toughness. We're only lean on scoring if Bourque and Gionta flop and Eller doesn't improve. The likelyhood of even two of those happening is slim imo.
Speed to burn
Best PK last year despite the circus. Depends how much Therrien changes the system
Toughness is improved, could still be better, especially on the backend.

If this team doesn't make the playoffs I'll be surprised.
You should post more often. I agree with much of what you are saying but the only thing that really worries me is Therrien........time will tell

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