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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Which means he wasn't a good GM. You can't live with one philosophy and then contradict yourself and go against it. And living with the philosophy of the draft...well it can also be called "Not having enough confidence in my abilities of trading so I'd stick with Timmins".....'Cause you can give away a 2nd rounder of Dominic Moore.....or can give away a 2nd rounder for Chris Kelly. 1 has gave some good hockey to the Habs....for 1/2 season. The other is still giving good hockey to the Bruins, winning a cup as well on top of it. You can trade whatever you want. You can get whatever pick you want. It's what you do with the whole thing that is important. I'm an obviously big lover of the draft, but if you send away all those picks we have and automatically become a force to be reckon with for the next 10 years...who cares about the draft. And who cares about building through the draft. But if you send your picks away, or if you lose 10 players for nothing and not improve by it...then you suck as a GM. Gainey will positively solely be remembered for his Rivet and Kovalev trade. Yet, that's the same Gainey who, in the Kovalev trade, offered the choices to the Rags between Hossa, Plekanec and Balej. Thank god the Rangers chose poorly....but then got it back in the Gomez trade. And the Rivet trade looks so awfully good based on Timmins pick, a Timmins appointed by Savard. Thank god Pacioretty was chosen and not Patrick White.

The best feature of Gainey was to bring some legitimacy to the Habs logo after the Houle fiasco. Savard was slowly starting to do it as well but he didn't have the name that Gainey had. THAT's the best Gainey feature....his name, thank god to his incredible hockey career. But the GM? Mediocre to average at the very best.
Like I said.. after his daughter died.. he seemed to lose his philosophies and made some really stupid moves. Dominic Moore was a Gauthier move, however. I begin to wonder how much of the bad deals were Gauthier under the guise of Gainey.

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