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01-11-2013, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Layne Staley View Post
Terry Pegula:The sole existence is to win the Stanley Cup.

It's a contradiction saying he is one of the 12 best forwards but that he should be sent back This isn't the 90's anymore, cup winning and playoff teams are playing teenage rookies.Think Tyler Seguin needed another year of junior? He was mediocre his rookie season and his 2nd year is now a legit 1st line player.Grigs is a similiar level prospect and I think he will do a lot better then most rookies do.He scored nearly a goal per game, he's ready and should be in the lineup.

And yes many fans want him to stay down so we can "preserve" his ELC so it won't get "wasted" in a 48 game season.(Which last time I checked counted just as much as an 82 one.)And it's not like a few million in cap space one year earlier then they want is a big deal at all.That is the loser talk I'm referring to.I'm sick of waiting for "next year", he's ready now and needs to be in our lineup.He gives us a better chance of winning, not debatable.Only thing debatable if it's better for his development to play the 2nd half of the season in the Q, or help his NHL team try to win for a cup.
How is any of this "not debatable"?

In reference to the Pegula line, Pegula didn't say the sole existence of this organization is to win the Stanley Cup THIS SEASON with no regard for the ramifications it may have for the teams ability to win the Stanley Cup down the road. You are completely taking that out of context by trying to apply it here. If you think Grigorenko is the difference between this team that didn't make the playoffs last year and then winning the Cup, then I guess there is nothing left for me to say.

EDIT: And you keep going back to that "he's one of the 12 best forwards so he makes the team better" argument. I'm glad you're not running this organization if that's how you handle prospects. It almost never harms a prospect by being patient, just look at the difference between Detroit and Columbus to see the effect of rushing a prospect vs being patient with prospects.

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