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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
Right, from a purely human standpoint I feel for the guy. He can no longer play the game he loves because of the realities of the world (as in how stupid it would be to walk away from millions of guaranteed dollars). Yeah there's a choice to be made, but is it really a choice?

I understand most people won't feel that way about the situation, but that's always how I look at things.
I think it is a choice, given all the money he has made already. Will it really make a difference to him, his future or his family's future if he makes 2 mil instead of 6 mil the next 2 years? I doubt it. If it does, then he hasn't managed his money well and I won't feel sorry for him for that.

But if he were to terminate his contract, the possibility exists that no NHL team will sign him. I'm sure his agent has talked to teams, but we don't know if there's any interest. There might not be any. If that's the case, yes, he really doesn't have a choice. But I won't feel sorry for him for that either. The game passes every player by eventually, but not all of them are fortunate enough to still make millions of dollars after it does.

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