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Originally Posted by skating101 View Post
All star type games can be very beneficial it depends what you are looking for.

I am not going to write off someone because they had a bad game or going to select someone first overall because they got a hat trick.

But I do look for standouts on skating, skill sets, decision making etc.. Separating yourself in these type of games situations is a hard thing to do amongst talent peers with limited equal ice time.
Right, but my point was that you can see that in any game. Never, never base the strength or weakness of a player based off of a single viewing, which is what the above poster was doing. You need to see players multiple times in multiple situations before you can get a read on what they are or are not.

To say 'x team beat y team, therefore x is better' is foolhardy when looking at a single game. Its even more innacurate when saying 'this age group is positive or negative' based off of a single All Star game in July.

The best way to assess that, is to simply watch these teams over the course of a year. Thats how you find out who is the best and where the depth of an age group comes from. You can't see that in a single tourament game in Dec, simply doesn't work that way.

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