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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Oh yeah, totally, it's like they're getting cockier as to what they will try to get away with... which is probably what the audience wants to see. A deaf girl who is not really deaf is a big risk, and I'm sure they realize that. I wonder if they practiced enough how to "act deaf". it's sooooo easy to slip up.

You might be right that she won't be there very long, but I'm sure they have an "order" to follow and I don't envision them changing it based on how it's going with her. But I could be wrong.
It'd be awesome if at some point Chase was getting too suspicious of the deaf girl, so they have her confess to Chase that she's not really deaf and it's all a ruse by her to try and get an advantage over everyone else, or sympathy votes.

It would be pretty far-fetched but 1) so is everything else on the show and 2) reality contestants lie all the time about their professions, who they're related to, how old they are, if they're married, playing for "sick" relatives, etc all to gain an really isn't that far out there.

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