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Originally Posted by umwoz View Post
Do people realize that Martin St. Louis is a nearly generational exception? You shouldn't expect any player to do what he has, you should wish for it.

It amazes me how many people make arguments by listing exceptions as if that supports them. Yes St. Louis has had an amazing career at a small stature, but the list of players who have struggled due to size(and strength) is much longer. Yes, Jamie Benn was better than MANY players drafted before him, but on that same merit Patrick Kane turned out better Jim O'Brien, and Jonathan Toews ended up better than Bryan Little.

Gaudreau has to put on over 25 pounds to weigh what Teravainen does.

Also, how can you ignore that TT is playing at a much higher level? Sure, Gaudreau may be playing at a similar level if he was born in Finland, BUT HE ISN'T. And that is extremely valuable experience that TT is gaining right now against much closer to NHL level players.

Both very talented players in their own right, and I would love nothing more than to see Johnny Gaudreau be successful player because he has flair and tenacity that you just don't see that often. But one of these players looks a lot closer to being an NHLer than the other. NHL scouts usually know what they're doing, and there's a reason one was taken later as a much higher risk.
Why does JG have to put on the same weight as TT? They are different players when JG is done adding weight he will most likely be 170-175 pounds as that fits well with his smaller frame and the fact he likes to use his speed.

Yes JG was seen as a big risk at 5'6 in his draft because if he didn't grow than he would be the smallest player in todays nhl, but several scouts said they thought he had first round talent.

We are comparing them because now JG is lets say 5'8 for arguments sake and while he is still on the small side there are examples of players around his height doing just find Ennis, Louis, Gionta, Cammy not to mention the game is moving to a game that is better suited to him as skill and speed are becoming more important and goons are started to leave the game as they are less effective. So it is entirely possible that some people see JG less risky now that he has grown abit and can judge them based on skill which JG was thought to have first round talent. But clearly this is HF and once you get listed at 5'6 you will for ever be 5'6 and it doesn't matter how good you are no one will pay attention because you were a 4th round pick.

I have no problem with someone saying TT is better but when they are only using the fact that JG is 5'6 as he was listed on his draft day or the fact he was a 4th round pick those aren't valid arguments. Most people wouldn't have seen much of both maybe either and thats fine I have only seen TT 4-5 times outside of the WJC so I haven't seen him complete game but from watching JG he has some unreal talent and I thought he had a bad WJC, people are too worried about his size and not the fact that he has found a way to dominate every league he has been in even tho he is smaller than most.

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