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Originally Posted by daver View Post
Reread the previous posts and tell me where I was trash talking. Seems like you and the other poster are looking for evidence of "Canadian arrogance".

The fact that 8 of the 23 US 2010 OG team members were from the 2002 draft class was presented as evidence that they rival the 2003 Canadian draft class. I stated that 6 or 7 from the 2003 draft class made Team Canada in 2010 which is more impressive given the "on-paper" depth at each position.
Actually I do not believe that your posts represent Canada. Instead they were mainly the unnecessary commentary of a single poster.

It was noted that 8 members of the 2002 draft class represented USA at the Olympics. It was not used as evidence that it was a superior age group to Canada's following age group, though for some reason you assumed this and took some umbridge at the thought. I do not believe anyone other than possibly the OP disagrees with you. Xokkeu was simply noting how strong that period was for both USA and Canada.

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