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01-11-2013, 10:19 AM
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You're welcome! It would be so cool to play hockey in Asia.

The Air 50s were before my time so I the only knowledge I have on them is from the always-handy-for-retro-gear-not-as-much-for-current-gear Perani's site:

So they originally retailed for around $200? I would guess that they would be a low end skate then. Not the bottom of the barrel. Skate technology has greatly improved over the years, so you would see an upgrade if you put yourself in a present-day $200 boot. Better performance and much stiffer.

How much are you willing to spend?

See if you can find some Bauer Nexus skates to try, while it might be a little wide, you should be reminded of how those Air 50 skates feel. The Nexus 400 should be right at that pricepoint. For a narrower foot, I would see if I can find some Vapors to try as well. Also see if you can find some Easton Synergy skates (preferably from either EQ series). If those don't work, try Bauer Supreme.

If you get skates that fit right, you should have no problem in the long run on balance.

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