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01-11-2013, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Draft Guru View Post
Holy generalizations batman.

Did Fogarty kill your dog or something?

I am far from a Fogarty fan boy but the kid was drafted as a long-term project who is currently only a freshman in college.

You present a lot of information and statistics that one can derive from score sheets and researching the internet. A lot of that honestly is irrelevant in regards to his future and NHL potential. With most of these kids you really have to watch them play live numerous times and observe their progression. There's a lot of things they could excel at on the ice and have improved upon that you can't see on a stat sheet.

Patience, my friend.
This guy pisses in our wheaties more than anyone on the board. Get used to it. However, I don't see alot to be excited about with Fogarty either but give it time. He was a 3rd rounder and has pretty low expectations.

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