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Originally Posted by JackSlater View Post
Really though.

Anyway, the 1970 birth year for USA is probably better than it was for Canada. Better player depth for Canada, but nobody nearly as good as Modano and Roenick.
if you look back a year to the 69 birth year, I think the US gets spanked pretty bad there...

great year for Canada as they had : Sakic, Desjardins, Turgeon, Shanahan, Cassels, Audette, Richardson, Blake, etc..

the US only had : Leclair, Schnieder, McEachern, Donato, Sacco, and a few other C listers... that year was a big year for Canada

the 71' birth year was pretty bad for both countries as Canada really didnt have much highend players as Ricci might have been the best...well I guess Nedved was Canadian as well..and Primeau was there as well, so that would be the top 3 imo..and then a whole lot of decent to solid guys but nothing great.. Adam Foote was their best dman taken with Patrice Brisebois and Sean O'Donnell next...

the US had Conroy, Weight, and Smolinski....but the drop off between those 3 and the next group of Bill Lindsay, Trent Klatt, Derek Plante, Ted Drury, etc was pretty wide in talent. The US had Aaron Miller and Ken Klee for defense...that is pretty bad.

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