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Originally Posted by AmericanDream View Post
nice read, though I would differ on a few things.

Gaudreau, Vesey, and Hartman all got an A grade, but Trocheck does not? I know you had him at a B+, but that kid was more consistent in many different roles than those other names imo. Just a matter of opinion I guess.

I cant argue with any of your grades on the defense as it was impressive the way that group played. A group like that only comes around every few years, very impressive when you rewatch them in the final 4 games played.

As for looking ahead to 2014, man if Jones and Trouba aren't there, our defense is not going to be looking so hot as it lacks that go to leader...those two kids made everyone else's role easier to handle and I dont know if that void can be filled by anyone especially considering Sieloff would be the only actual returnee and his role is a defensive shutdown type..Though I am a huge Jaccob Slavin fan, cant see him being ahead of Anthony DeAngelo for a spot on this team.

you dont think Connor Hurley is in the running for a spot on this team? as well as Taylor Cammarata?? I simply cant imagine Cammarata not making this squad with the lack of highend offensive players we will have.

cant wait for this to start up again!!
It was tough to give these grades because what there's many different ways to grade the guys. How they should have played relative to my expectations, how they played in the role they put in, etc.? I'd say it was a cross between both of those questions. You could make an argument for Trocheck's grade being higher, I would agree.

Defensively, I don't think the potential group is weak for next tournament, but it's definitely not as strong as it could be and not even close to as good as it was this year. Seems like next year the team will have "Canadian Problems" and have 2-3 WJC eligible guys not be made available.

Yeah, DeAngelo is going to recieve some consideration. I guess we'll see. I think there is a bit of a drop off between the top seven guys and the others who are in contention. There's also a lot of guys who could also be in the mix (Thompson, Slavin, Downing, DeAngelo, Butcher, Brodzinski, Pesce, maybe Ausmus...)

Cammarata one of those guys a lot will depend on how well he adjusts to the college game because he'll be a freshman and an 18-year-old in a 19-year-old tournament. I can only see him playing a top six role and other than possibly Nieves' spot, don't see him being better than any of those guys 11 months from now. I'm a huge Cammarata fan just based on his size and the way he plays and would love to see him make the tourney as a '95, but just don't see it next year.

Hurley is even more interesting in that he's slated to be playing junior next year (presumably Muskegon). That definitely doesn't help his cause and he's also a '95. If I had to choose Hurley or Cammarata for next year's team I'd go with Hurley and think that's a pretty easy choice.

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