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Originally Posted by CGYPUKSUX View Post
Talking to yourself?

Since draft position is the end-all-be-all, maybe you can explain the value of Thomas Hickey (4) versus Alec Martinez (95)? How about Logan MacMillan (19) versus Jamie Benn (129)? How about Angelo Esposito (20) versus Matt Halischuk (117)? How about just explaining Dennis Persson? Or putting into terms you should really be able to understand, how about Johan Fransson (34) versus Alexander Elder (91)? We're talking first round studs versus scrubs from later rounds. This should be pretty easy for a real smart guy like yourself to explain.

Also, you'll notice in my posts I have not stated that one player was better than the next. I discussed, and pointed out, that one player was over achieving, as indicated by specific accolades, and one player was under achieving. I have not stated that one player was superior because that is an unknown until they get to the NHL level. What I have done is pointed out where the logic breaks down in this argument. Examples:

Teravanien is a first round pick, so is superior. That is demonstrably false based on historical examples you're going to explain.

Teravanien out performed Gaudreau at this tournament. Data seems to indicate otherwise as the coaches selections of their best players counters the developing mythology surrounding Teravanien. The tournament stats and quality of competition when points were scored seems to counter the claims as well.

The coaching was bad, invalidating the selections of Team Finland. Coaching was supposedly the bane of every team at one point. Housley was an idiot for his handling of Galynchuk, even though his team won the tournament. If the coaching was bad maybe the hosts of the tournament could support the claim Teravanien was the best Finn player. How many players of the game did he win during the tournament? Any of them when games mattered?

My favorite, Gaudreau excelled on international ice so Teravanien will have an advantage on the smaller ice surface. I forget. How many NHL size ice surfaces does Teravanien play games on over in Finland? How many NHL surfaces does the NCAA use? How is that guy that can't play on the small ice surface doing on those small ice surfaces? How is Teravanien doing on the small ice surfaces (how about this sample size?) and what accolades has he collected?
What the hell does draft position have to do with anything I said? You are comparing two players through 7 games thinking it shows who's the better prospects, while disregarding anything they have done before. Also you seem to forget that Gaudreau got most of his points against teams that played the relegation round?
And while we're at it I think I have to inform you that the rinks in Finland are not international standard, but smaller.

And yes the level between the FEL and the NCAA is big. The FEL is a professional league filled with players at a level the majority of NCAA players will NEVER reach.

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