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01-11-2013, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by rban View Post
If Flyers dont go for a stud Dman, the type of Dman they need to target is someone with significant offensive ability. Timo is really the only one that has that now and he'll be retiring or declining.

Meszaros and Coburn have some offensive ability but not consisitently.

Most of our dman seem to fit the profile of big strong hard hitting and stay at home defensiveyl responsible. Thinking mostly of Grossman and Schenn here.

If we're not gonna nab a total stud (and i dont see one abaialble now) we need someone with great offensive skills. Or at least very good offensive skills. Edler would be nice.

Given the Rags contract situations coming up, might make sense to target the most offensively gifted of that defense group they have, I dont know enough about them to know who fits that bill tho....
I think you are underestimating L. Schenn here. His numbers, particularly his advanced stats, would have you believe that he's actually been a bit better offensively than defensively over the last couple of years. He is certainly every bit as offensively gifted as Coburn imho.

Overall though, a guy like Edler next offseason makes a ton of sense. A pairing of Edler and Coburn would be incredibly balanced.... as would potential Mez - Schenn and Grossmann - Gustafsson pairings.

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