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01-11-2013, 11:32 AM
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My progression was something like:

2006: Bauer PM9, everyone said it's a good beginner's curve. My shot sucked here and I was using 87 flex sticks that I couldn't bend.

2007: Bauer P88, tried it and liked it, felt more curve gave more spin and harder shots. Also dropped down to 75 flex sticks. My shot improved and my accuracy was okay. Sometimes I'd snipe and more often I'd miss.

2009: Reebok P30 (deeper closed mid), deeper curve as an extension of above. Had harder shots but my accuracy was all over the place.

In 2010, I started to change my shot and instead of a big sweeping wrist shot (roll the puck from heel to toe) which was very heavy but inaccurate and slow release, I started moving towards a snap shot (cup the puck and fire) with a more compact release. This necessitated a more open curve.

2010: P91A, really improved my release and accuracy, started scoring a lot more goals, but my passes were going too high.

2011: P92, traded some velocity and height on the shots to keep the puck lower and also improved my ability to dangle/control the puck.

Been there pretty much ever since, and have been playing with different kick points and flexes to fine tune. Have dabbled back with the Drury sometimes as I miss the insane velocity of that curve but I like the mid vs heel. Also my accuracy has been slipping.

So now I'm try P14 to try and improve the accuracy and maybe the height, but I may end up trying a P08 if I can. I like the Sakic overall, just want a bit more loft.

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