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06-15-2006, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by technophile
According to your own argument, a helmet is only of INFINITELY more value in a car than in hockey if the steering wheel is intending to smash you in the face. Which it's not, at least in any car I've ever been in.

Death may not be common from pucks to the face, but facial injuries, up to and including the loss (temporary or permanent) of vision in an eye, are quite commonly caused by high sticks. In fact, it's a rare NHL game where you don't see at least one high-stick and someone grabbing at their face. That's an entirely predictable, easily avoidable danger--much more predictable and avoidable than nearly any car accident.

If full visors/cages were required, Al McInnis might still be playing. Brian Berard would still be able to see out both eyes. etc, etc.
nope two different comments there...
accidental death in a car may be curtailed by enforcing a Helmet law, just as, enforcing a face cage in hockey would curtail accidental injuries to the face. Neither is intentional...unlike the case of the dangerous predator, where there are HIGH ODDS of it wanting to eat you if you cross its path.

And that is more valuable than a single life that might have been saved if we were required to wear helmets in our cars?

If anyone thinks that face cages should be mandatory in the NHL they should also think that Helmets should be mandatory when in a motor vehicle. If not then they are quite contradictory in their judgements.

Why don't people wear Helmets in cars?

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