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01-11-2013, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Jag68Sid87 View Post
Part of what I'm saying is the same as what KIRK is saying, because sometimes part of developing a player is in fact to give him a chance. Development is a free-flowing exercise, including opportunities with the big club.

Whatever it is we're doing isn't working. And the greatness that is Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin have been masking it for quite a while now.

It would seem as though some of our young talent believes they should be more advanced than they are. The organization wants them to prove themselves more. There seems to be a disconnect here. Not just with Despres, but I believe with Tangradi too.

Honestly, there really isn't any good reason why guys like Strait and Bortuzzo aren't NHL regulars yet, either with us or someone else. And yeah eventually Vitale arrived, but the guy was 26 frickin' years old when it happened. This isn't baseball. This is a sport where guys can play at 18. By 22 you should have a player on your hands ready for the big league. 23 if he's a little late. 24 if he's a late-bloomer. Vitale was 26 and he was still fighting for time.

Who was the last 19-year-old (forget 18) that got a crack at earning a job with us? A legit shot, I mean. We've lacked the ability to infuse youth into the mix, and it's cost us. Is it because of a commitment to have a strong AHL club? Well, signing a bunch of retreads didn't work this year. And it hasn't helped development, either. It's been a lost season down on the farm.

So yeah, there is a problem here. Maybe this is why a lot of people think we have a SMALL window to win here. That should NOT be the case, since our core is still quite young relatively speaking. We're not exactly Detroit. And yet, their farm system is absolutely loaded with talent. They're uber patient with their prospects, but it works for them. Other teams promote kids a lot more quickly, and that works for them.

We need to figure out what works for us, because signing Benn Ferriero sure does nothing.

Vitale played 4 seasons at NU and needed two seasons in the A, IMHO. MY thing is, I am positive DB exposes him to waivers instead of Adams if Crosby isn't hurt. That would of been a big mistake, obviously.

I'm kind of arguing agt. myself because I've called out this org ability to scout, draft and develop fwd prospects. I just finally realized even before the draft, that Shero is always going to place a heavy emphasis on the blueline. I made peace with it.

Why I'm ok with him taking DP:

- DP is a hell of a talent
- with the Staal trade there is now more cap room to land a legit top six winger
- the blueline prospects could make guys like Orpik and Nisky expendable in a trade for a winger
- I still believe in Tangradi and think BB could help by next season
- the pipe is also so full of blueline prospects, that Shero has to take a fwd prospect in a strong draft this Summer

Of course point four is your biggest worry, but as I said, I just think DB learned his lesson about the value of young players. If getting your ass handed to you by a roster full of rookies doesn't wake you up, nothing will.

Maybe I'm being stupid, but I'm trying to be positive and give DB one last chance.

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