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Originally Posted by Out East View Post
What I learned from this is you are married to your opinion and full of yourself as evinced by your final sentence.

Markov had ONE injury that had anything to do with the strength/fragility of his body. ONE. If you want to call that glass you are welcome to your opinion but it doesn't make it truth.

You list the Flyers as a playoff team. Line up their D beside ours. Oh and apparently Briere is glass now. I never blamed injuries and I never said we're an elite team. You named 6 teams as above the Habs and slid the Pariseless Devils with a 40 year old goalie as a maybe. That still leaves a playoff spot and I don't even agree that the Flyers or Devils are shoe ins. McKenzie is more knowledgable than both of us and he thinks our D is ok. Kaberle had .5 ppg last year with us. Is that horrible? He was minus 6 with us, not so bad on a losing team. We're not counting on him for top 4 minutes so no big deal.

Obviously you are stuck to your opinion but I'm not going to roll over and play dead. May I quote you at this point?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Friendly wager on Markov perhaps? I say he plays more than 40 games and proves many including yourself wrong.
I just lost a wall of text.

In short, I accept your bet, and throw another one. The Devils will have at least 7 points more than the Habs (equivalent to 12pts in a 82games season).

For the Flyers, I just wanted to point out that their forwards are much better (and younger, and bigger, and cheaper) than ours, and you can't deny that Laviolette is better than Therrien. Considering that our fan base blames everything on the coach, this is not negligeable. Also, they get to play 5 times against the Islanders!

Markov played 65 games in the past three seasons. You can claim he is an ironman all you want, but I am going in to this season expecting him to go down at any point.

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