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01-11-2013, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
We all love hockey, but we certainly aren't all in the same boat.

Personally, I can post on a message board and watch the game from the comfort of my home, but I refuse to put a dime more into the NHL than I have to.

After all these years, its amazing that a thread like this still (and probably always will) pops up - one begging for an apology, or handouts, or whatever because of the lockout. Dont the fans realize that the NHL exploits their love for the game and takes, takes, takes? Then, in the most vicious cycle of all, they argue over your money and actually take the game itself away from you.
I was watching the excellent documentary that Ken Burns did on baseball this morning with my coffee. First the players abused the game with corruption and fixing. Then the owners abused the game with the reserve clause. Players were in effect poorly paid serfs who got paid what and when the owners found convenient. Then baseball went through a prolonged era of labor unrest to resolve that.

It's sounds familiar because it is. It's the evolution of an entertainment enterprise. Imperfect, clumsy and wonderful.

It is what is and I'm glad it's back. I further find all this sturm and drang dedicated to hockey pretty entertaining as well.

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