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01-11-2013, 01:29 PM
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As long as you are moving, you're a threat. As long as you're a threat, a guy has to stay on you. If a guy is on you, that guy can't be elsewhere - for example, double-teaming the puck carrier.

I'm a pretty poor player by every measure, so I just get back to basics.

If my linemates are fairly skilled and I'm the weak link (which is always), I typically just stay in constant motion, rotating between the slot, the half boards and the front of the net. Even if I don't manage to shake my guy and get wide open in the slot, for example, I might draw two guys to me, which opens up a lot of options for my linemates. Similarly, if I can't get open in front, just darting back to the wall gives my guys an option to relieve pressure - or at least draws a defender away from the front of the net.

Just keeping my feet moving keeps me in the play. If you are standing still you can't react on the fly which is, I imagine, why you feel like a spectator. Pucks find their way to you when you move your feet.

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