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01-11-2013, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
Yeesh...this is how stupid rumors and bad hearsay starts. This isn't even anywhere close to what Gionta said (which was a joke, first of all).
Martin McGuire, a respected journalist from, mentioned in his daily camp update (audio file available), that some players seem a little bit annoyed by the fact that Subban decided to stay in Toronto. According to McGuire, they are under the impression that he should be skating with them or, at least, participate in off-ice activities.

Gionta was more direct. Apparently the Habs players played for charity during the lockout but Subban preferred to play in a charity event in Toronto. It did bug Gionta.
You can disagree with the players but unless you are calling McGuire a liar, this is not stupid rumors and/or bad hearsay.

Personally, I respect Martin McGuire and I think he is telling the truth. Is it a big deal? I don't think so but apparently the players think that Subban should make an effort to reinforce his "team first" attitude.

I wrote earlier in this thread that Bergevin is trying to implement a contractual team structure and I fully support him. If it was good enough for Pacioretty and Price, it's good enough for Subban imo. I realise that Subban's contribution may be bigger than both of them at the same age but we should not undervalue the importance of the word "team" in "contractual team structure". The whole concept is not just about money imo: if you want to play with Montreal, you will need to put the team first... that kind of thing.

Subban is, by far, one of my favorite players but if he refuses to accept the team structure, I would be willing to ship him out of town. Subban must not forget that the (that the... is it acceptable in English? It sounds weird... ) contractual team structure's main objective is to build a contender. The question is not "Does the team see me in its future" (as he mentioned on Twitter); it is "Is Subban willing to make a sacrifice in an effort to build a contender"... imo!

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