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Originally Posted by Myron Gaines View Post
Gomez will have to prove he can still produce in the NHL. Eller has to be more consistent.

He is a centre, he looks lost on the wing.
Eller is a tweener. We don't know where to play him yet or what he does best, and there's no guarantee he's going to take the next step. But Eller did have shoulder surgery to start the year last year. It will be interesting to see if he's any better in the circle, if they play him there.

Gomez had a torn lat and torn groin last year, otherwise he's a known quantity. And we've never given him decent linemates. He's commented in the past that Gionta doesn't pass the puck, and he had Pouliot on the other side... And we've never had size on the wing until now. We've stupidly tried to play puck possession with small players in the past without the required elite skill to compensate for lack of size. Ironically, we'd be a better puck possession team now.

But now we've stupidly returned to having small players in the middle without compensating with some size on defense. To me, Eller is a soft player, so having him in the middle solves nothing. Unless the problem really was his shoulder.

Signing Bouillon was a mistake imo. We just don't match up against Boston or New York, and we'll likely play one of them in the first round.

But if Markov is healthy, he cleans up a lot of those problems and makes our defense multi-dimensional and able to deal with two scoring lines. He would nullify the Seguin line and then hopefully Subban/Emelin could deal with the Lucic line. Then we could compete.

If that doesn't happen, we could still squeak in, but we'd get crushed when it comes time to sort out the boys and girls.

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