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01-11-2013, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by SLang View Post
The guy does the job he's paid to do, and does it well. He takes virtually ALL the heat off the owners and they love him for it. I don't believe that if you remove Bettman from the equation that you wouldn't have had the lockouts. The structural reason behind why the NHL has lockouts stems primarily from the crappy revenue sharing system the League has, and Bettman can't fix that alone - only the owners can. Guess what....Bettman or no Bettman, there will be another lockout when this new CBA expires too if they don't fix the revenue sharing.

Why boo?
While I agree that there should be no booing at all of Bettman, regardless of if it's a banner raising, cup presentation or even him walking down the street, I don't share your belief that he does his entire job well, specifically regarding the CBA negotiations.

I'm not saying that there wouldn't have been a lockout if he wasn't at the bargaining table, but the fact does apply that he botched negotiations so badly the first two lockouts that there was a need for a third longlasting lockout to get the third CBA done under his watch. I'm not heaping all the blame on Bettman here, as the owners are their own worst enemy, but as their lead negotiator and one of (if not their top) legal analysts in relation to CBA's, Bettman's inability to close major loopholes has been a key reason behind this lockout occurring.

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