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01-11-2013, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Penguins23 View Post
My win % sucks cause I often run solo and join matches where the other team has dogs/swarm/lodestar etc already up so I just quit.
There should be a rule, and I'm not calling you out specifically or mean this in any hostile way. There should be an unspoken rule, that if you are a "ragequitter" then you can't complain about being put into a game where you have no chance of winning. You know why you were put into that game? Because of ragequitters.

Maybe I feel extra strongly about that because if I start a game, I finish it. But that's just me.

Another unspoken rule that I think should be implemented. If we're playing Kill Confirmed, and you see me kill someone and head straight for their tags, don't cut me off and take them for yourself. That's a dick move.

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