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Originally Posted by BillyShoe1721 View Post
Kessel produced at 1.31PPG his freshman season, and then left. Gaudreau was at 1PPG his freshman season. It's not fair to compare Kessel's freshman year to Gaudreau's sophmore season. Add in the fact that Kessel was a year younger than Gaudreau in their respective freshman seasons, and your point makes no sense. Parise is the same thing, played at 1.56PPG pace in his freshman season, his draft year. Toews' offense just wasn't that impressive in college. Look at it this way:

Draft Year
Gaudreau-not playing in NCAA, playing in USHL
Kessel-1.31PPG in the NCAA
Parise-1.56PPG in the NCAA

Year after Draft Year
Gaudreau-1PPG in NCAA
Kessel-playing in the NHL, 29 points in 70 games
Parise-1.49PPG in NCAA

Who looks better now when you compare them to similar times in their development?

Look at the talent pool that they're drawing out of. NCAA has most of the best American hockey players, and plenty of Canadians as well. Finland is producing the quality of players they do out of their population of a measly 5.3 million. The US and Canadian population combined? 345 million. Of course the best Canadians play in Canada, etc., a higher percentage of people play hockey in Finland, but is it really shocking that more people from a pool of 345 million succeed than a pool of 5.3 million?
Is it when someone is saying the other is vastly better than the NCAA.

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