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Originally Posted by Le Magnifique 66 View Post
That's awesome, good savings and good choice with the Crosby rookie Card

As for me I really never had a problem with Frameworth, I have a signed authentic Crosby jersey and when I got married 4 years ago my wife purchased this frame for my gift

She also got the huge case display to put my jersey in that was a deal I got at Cosco for 150$ which I now regret not buying 2 or 3.

This year going into next gonna be looking for a Lemieux signed jersey and a nice looking Lemieux frame of him holding the Cup
Yeah I had only justified getting the Crosby Young Guns rookie card because I had that local store credit at the time. Had I walked into the store with $400 cash there's no way in hell I'd pay that much for one rookie card. Regardless of whether it's Crosby or professionally graded or not.

I do kinda feel bad for selling it. But at the same time, for the $400 I paid for it, I know I can get it again on Ebay for cheaper if I ever choose or really really wanted to. Or if not for cheaper, one that is graded a higher grade. As the one I had was graded an 8.5 by KSA and I've now seen ones on Ebay that were graded a 9 or on 9.5 by Beckett going for the same amount or a bit cheaper than what I had paid for mine. Maybe I'll get one someday but like I've said before, for the amount of money people foolishly pay for today's top-end cards, I'd much rather use that money on framed and autographed pictures for my wall or a few autographed pucks instead. As at least pictures can be hung on my wall and my pucks can be displayed in cubes on my desk for people to see. Where as a card is either just in a binder or in a screwtop case in my drawer.

And that's a pretty sweet Crosby picture and scoresheet combo dude. Am glad to hear that you've never had any Frameworth issues. I haven't either, aside from them never ever giving me tracking info which pissed me off. With that aside, the quality of their stuff is always great. My signed Malkin and Letang pucks are from them and I have a few unsigned and framed pics from them as well. But now that I can afford signed stuff, I go for signed.

If you want a signed Mario with the Cup framed picture or a signed Mario jersey, just go through ReichPM in Pittsburgh man. I.E. they have these ones here...

Good prices IMO. As for a Mario with the Cup picture, I want this one.

It's essentially the same one that I had before, just this ReichPM one is 100% legit for sure and doesn't have any nameplate errors.

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